Saturday, 10 March 2012

Moving house!

If you haven't heard already, we have moved!

You can now find the feed and incorporated blog here.

It should look a bit better, link in with iTunes better (fingers crossed) and also just generally be fantastic..

The email address remains the same - if you want to get in touch!


Saturday, 18 February 2012

Podcast #21 "Finding Fault"

This fornights podcast has a lot of complaining in it. You have been warned!

You can find it here or over on iTunes (search brain go hurty) and Flik will get it uploaded to YouTube shortly.

Flik and Blighty are back and the gloves are off as they assualt the news that the PS Vita will not let you download your exisitng games if you live outside of Japan. The Guiness records list of top video game endings takes a battering with its awful top 10 and Blighty talks a little about "Faith Healers".

Questions/comments/phoenix downs?

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Podcast #20 "Apocalyptic Currency"

Bring your own beer.....or gin as Blighty turns up for this episode after one too many sherries! You can find it here or on iTunes (it also shows up on Flikffxi's YouTube channel eventually).

Talk veers away from Star Wars The Old Republic for a change and onto Resident Evil (Revelations, 6 and horrible 3D movies). Flik proves he lives the life of a slob and Blighty gets on his soap box to rant about the Star Wars movies.

Questions/comments/bottle caps?

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Podcast #19 "Where's the dice?"

Blighty and Flik get together and discuss even more Star Wars The Old Republic - why more people play Imperial over Republic! Flik talks about offensive underwear and Blighty explains why his vodka is green and hairy. Books that need dice and ancient horror games are also brought up. You can grab the latest podcast on iTunes or find it here.

Questions/comments/you are going to go home and rethink your life?

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Podcast #18 "The worst Jedi ever"

Hello 2012! A new year, a new podcast. You can find it here or over on iTunes.

Flik and Blighty cover their antics over the holidays and all the games they have "aquired". We learn why you should never trust a preview and how Nintendo is taking tips from Capcom in how to run their company into the ground. We discuss Star Wars: The old Republic and Flik sets Blighty a challenge on the Duke Nukem demo.

Question/Comments/These arent the droids your looking for?