Thursday, 19 May 2011

Whats going on?

Hello and welcome to the B:GH Blog.

It's been a bit quiet round here lately, which is mostly my fault since technically I run it all. I guess a lot of it can be attributed to waiting on iTunes reviewing the first podcast - it is up now, go search for it, I'll wait here until you get back....

My headset died the other week so I have yet to get any more videos on youtube. In fact, I haven't really played any co-op with Flik since it just isn't the same without voice. Hopefully all that will be sorted next week when I pick up some nice new ones.

So what's been going on? Well I have been battling it out on Dawn of War 2: Retribution multiplayer. It's pretty good if you like RTS games but until you "click" with the metagame, even the CPU opponents on easy will be tricky!

Flik has been finishing off his achievement hunting on Dynasty Warriors 7 and "patiently" waiting for L.A Noire to arrive. It did today, and then he had to go to work, isn't life great. He has also been mucking about on Witcher 2, videos are up on his youtube channel.

So stay with us and within a couple of weeks the next podcast will be up (new and improved formula) and expect a lot more videos to appear.

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